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Artist Spotlight: Crafty Hag

The crafting hands behind the unique artwork of Crafty Hag is Nebraska native Coralette Damme. She started sharing her artwork with the world in 2005. Since then, Coralette found herself drawn to the progressive yet quaint vibe of St. Pete. Lucky for us, she packed her art supplies and made St. Pete her home. The city’s response was a marvelous outpour of heartwarming support for printmaker Crafty Hag.

Crafty Hag creations are best described as hand-printed linocuts and silkscreen images that range from fine art to functional items such as tea towels, tote bags, greeting cards and most recently, t-shirts. "Keep St. Pete Strange" tees are now available at St. Pete Shirt Company.

Coralette’s work is extremely unique. Each creation one might see at a market or local shop is a limited edition as her process affords only small batches of each image. Each piece of art is hand carved then hand printed. No printing press here, folks! The block carving is a delicate process and there is little room for revision.

As a seasoned artist, she has found that she works best when balancing between a basic design plan and intuitively creating.

Inspirations behind her artwork range from nature, folklore, Damme’s German ancestry and Halloween. Damme's interest in her German heritage has led her to her newest solo exhibition entitled ROOTWORKER. This exhibition explores the intersection of folklore and “the resulting spirit of intention.” The opening night for ROOTWORKER is November 14th, 2017 5-9pm at The Studio@620. The endeavor is supported in part by The St. Petersburg Arts Alliance and PAVA.

Click photo for event information

Advice for new artists:

“My advice to a new artist would be to be patient and persistent. Expect rejection, it will happen, but understand it takes time to develop and it takes time to find your proper audience.” - Coralette Damme

You can find Crafty Hag all over St. Pete:

Check for vending dates at Saturday Morning Market.

"Stay Strange" Crafty Hag!

Thanks for partnering with The St. Pete Store!

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