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Buyers Guide #BurgBuysLocal-Thank You For Buying Local

Locally and independently owned business are the backbone of our economy and our community. When you shop local you do more than put a smile on the shop owners face- you keep St. Pete special.

"Did you know locally owned businesses circulate 3 times more money back into the local economy than national chain stores?"

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, Mayor Rick Kriseman officially declared 9/24 - 10/1: Burg Buys Local Week in St. Pete. Our city recognizes everything that our local business and entrepreneurs do for our little slice of heaven nicknamed The Burg'. To cushion and support our local business, the city urged all to buy locally, and we certainly did. So a huge thank you to all who participated in Burg Buys Local Week, and thank you to those of you who believe every week is Burg Buys Local Week.

Here's what you accomplish with every local purchase:

As a city we rallied together, we shopped, played, ate, drank, gave and lived locally. But don't stop there.

Our local businesses always need our support and love. There are many ways to keep buying local. In St. Pete a local buyers guide is never too far away:

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